Our price packages

We grow with you

Our special offer for all landlords.

0 – 3 guest registration forms per month

No risk / Simply test / Cancel at any time
We grow with you!

The more guest registration forms the cheaper
the price per guest registration form.

0,0 € per booking

0 – 3 guest registration forms/month

0,8 € per booking

4 – 100 guest registration forms/month

0,5 € per booking

101 – 250 guest registration forms/month

Individual offer
Please contact us.

more than 250 guest registration forms/month

Sample calculations:
3 guest registration forms 0 € per month
5 guest registration forms 4 € per month
25 guest registration forms 20 € per month
150 guest registration forms 105 € per month

All packages include

+ Tourism statistics
+ Tourism tax calculation
+ Exports
+ Data backup (EU server)
+ Support
+ Transmisson via local community department
+ Monthly cancellation


PS: If you don’t rent for the whole year, you can always cancel your subscription and rejoin at some point -.
your data will be preserved

Our customers

“We are excited about the ease of guest registration.
The service runs without any problems and the process is feasible even for older foreign workers without any problems.”

– Mario Baumüller, www.feinquartiert.at

“In the future, I will always include the guest registration form link in my standard booking email. Since I don’t have to create an extra booking, the whole thing actually runs by itself. 1 headache point less thanks to ibindo”.

– Claudia B., Airbnb Host since 2017 –